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  As Summer slowly fades away and the kids head back to school we continue to move forward with our health and fitness goals for 2018! Whether your health and fitness goals for this year were personal, maybe for your family whatever they may be, moving forward, seeing change is encouraging! Here at Dynamic Health and Fitness we are here to help you along the way and to show you our gratitude for voting us once again the “Best in New West” for 2018 we want to give back and offer everyone a chance to get started and Join today for $20.18!”  If you have a friend, co-worker or family member that needs a bit more of a push to get their fitness routines in check then this is a great way to help get each other out, get started and stay on track after all “it’s not about having the time it’s about making the time!” Dynamic Health and Fitness offers friendly, un-intimidating fitness programs for every shape, size and age group. It does not matter about your fitness level whether you are a seasoned veteran or a brand new client that is just looking to feel better and tone up, we offer affordable memberships for everyone. With two flexible membership options to choose from (VIP membership and our Loyal Member Rewards membership) we can cater to your busy lifestyle and your budget! As well our memberships are paid on a monthly basis, we have no cancellation fees on either membership and both memberships are transferable to friends, family and co-workers! As mentioned we cater to all different shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels so whether you are looking at joining as a corporate company, an individual, a student, senior, a couple or family we have affordable monthly membership options for you. Do not wait to conquer your health and fitness goals, get on track, keep on track, after all 2019 is just around the corner!