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Q: How do I stay on track with my fitness goals I set in the New Year?

A:That is a great question that I get asked this time every year
from my clients and members alike.
Here are my top 5 tips to staying on track in the New Year’s:

1) Don’t wait until 2016 – start right now, a good plan start’s today not tomorrow!
With that busy Christmas/New Years schedule (eating & drinking).
Get a jump on that “filling time” of year and make it easier
to hold yourself accountable during the holiday period.

2) Write your goals down:
Why are you doing this? that’s a question
I ask all my clients, not just what are you goals but what are your
reasons for these particular goals.
Be honest and attach some emotion to your goals, it will mean
more to you if you do.
3) Tell social media:
Everyone loves Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and Snapchat, let them know all about your goals. It will be harder
to break the habit when you know friends will be asking you
about you progress. Do a weekly or even daily post, even try
adding some pictures.

4) Give it time:
We’ve all heard the Saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” that
goes for your goals too. I see a lot of people give up way to
soon because they didn’t see results right away. I’ve got news for you
it takes time and hard work, you didn’t get where you are
right now over night nor will you fulfill your desired goals
after 1 week in the gym. Stick with it and you will start to
see results. One step at a time!

5) Make it your new life:
I mean this should be part of a lifestyle change, although
we set short term realistic goals you should also
consider the future too. Once you reach your goals set new ones
play a sport, run a marathon, climb a mountain. The sky’s the limit!

As always the staff at Dynamic Fitness and myself are happy
to help you get started and reach your goals. Seriously consider a consultation or
booking some personal training to add solid structure, safety,
guidance and fun to your gym experience.

Be awesome and all the best now and into 2016!
Luke Ramnath and the Dynamic Health & Fitness Team

Staying on Track

ASK AN EXPERT: Dynamic Health and Fitness
Q.How do I stay on track through the spring and into the summer?
A. You can smell the barbecue, NHL playoffs have started, and your glued to your seat, refreshments are calling your name on the patios. It would be so easy just to put off that workout!
But take a moment and reflect how hard you’ve worked over the last six or seven months. Is it worth it to “take some time off?” Maybe not, if you are feeling a bit lazy, low and out of shape. With summer officially around the corner, we need to plan ahead and stay on track.
CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Don’t skip your workout just because it’s warm and sunny out — work it in with your other activities. If you’re an early riser, you can enjoy leisurely evenings on the patio because you got up early and worked out (don’t forget — Dynamic Health and Fitness is open at 5:30 a.m. on weekdays and 7:30 a.m. on weekends).
SPICE UP YOUR ROUTINE. The workout that challenged and shaped you last fall and into the winter may need a refresh. Ask any of us trainers to help you shake things up with a spring refresher that gives you results and the drive to stick to it.
MAKE A GOAL FOR YOURSELF. Sign up for a 10k fundraising walk, a 5k or 10k running race, an adventure race (Tough Mudder, Spartan) When we have a goal for our training, it makes hitting the Club easier. We can direct all our effort toward a tangible payoff — like your best time ever in your favorite challenge.
TAKE IT OUTSIDE. PLAY! Get out there, go for a run, play Frisbee, climb the Chief or do some push-ups in the park. When the weather’s this good, bi-weekly outdoor workouts and activities are the perfect complements to your indoor workouts at the Club.
So, in a nutshell, here’s how you make working out a fun habit in the spring/ summer — plan ahead, just do it, set some goals, take it outside and take time to relax and enjoy the sunny warmer weather — you will have earned it!