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Can Hiring a Personal Trainer (really) Help Me?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!! Most people think that by exercising alone or joining their local health and fitness club that they are on the road to healthful success and for the most part this is an excellent lifestyle choice, however it does not guarantee you anything. Hiring a personal trainer means both a financial commitment and a time commitment to your health and fitness goals, even a few sessions with a (good) personal trainer can be worthwhile in giving you the direction you may need,  it can also give you the knowledge and different points of view from a trained professional.

Being in the industry the number one issue I hear from our clients is their lack of motivation and being unable to stick (consistently) with an exercise routine. This is why people hire a personal trainer – motivation and accountability!  A personal trainer can help you come up with the right workout routine to meet your fitness goals. It does not matter about your gender, age or fitness level whether your goal is losing a few pounds, toning up, or flattening your stomach (for swimsuit season)!A personal trainer can help accelerate you in reaching your health and fitness goals!

How can a Personal Trainer Help Me Achieve My Goals?

A personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals in a number of ways, however the two most important being:

  • Getting started. The most important part of any good exercise routine is knowing what to do! A personal trainer can help guide you down the path to fitness by creating a specific exercise routine based on your (realistic) fitness goals and time frames.
  • Learning  proper technique and form. The bottom line here is if you’re not doing exercises the right way, using the wrong weight or the wrong machines can lead to a slew of injuries and can sideline you. By doing them the right way, you’re staying safe, within your limits and also getting the maximum benefit from your workout and keeping you on track – not off track.

Finding the Best Trainer for Me!

  • Try out a trainer. If you’re a member of a gym, ask for a list of trainers and what their background is ask what is their education and experiences, and then watch them. Or buy one session or a consult and get a feel for their personality, skills and how they train, maybe see if they  gel with your personality and if you can see yourself working with them.
  • Look for qualifications and style. You would never hire a doctor that is still practicing so why would you hire or trust a personal trainer that is not yet certified? You want a personal trainer who is educated and certified by a reputable organization, such as the BCRPA,  Can-Fit Pro or even ACE (American Council on Exercise). As well I mentioned earlier you really want to make sure that the trainer is a good fit for your personality and your workout style.
  • Search online or ask Friends. We live in a world that anything can be accessed by our fingertips through the web. Many companies, clubs or organizations that certify personal trainers have web sites that allow you to search for such a trainer in your area. This may be a good place to start if you don’t belong to a gym. As well referrals from friends speak volumes both positively and negatively. If a good friend of yours has had a good experience with a trainer than you are more likely give them a try, however if your friend(s)  have had a negative experience with a trainer and the trainer never met their expectations ex: maybe the trainer was  always for their appt. or talking on the phone while training them – keep looking!
  • Ask yourself how well they teach. A personal trainer should do more than just give you an exercise routine to do, they should be teaching you the proper way to do these exercises. One-on-one personal training should be all about you, you are paying for it so it needs to be all about you and not about them and their issues.

Personal training is a financial commitment whether it’s for a month or two or even longer. Prices vary depending on a number of factors: area you are living in (may be more in the city then in the burbs), experience of the trainer and how long they have been training, the amount of sessions or package purchased. On top of your basic gym membership, an hour of personal training can run anywhere from $50 to $150 per session. On average, expect to pay around $60/hr of one-on-one personal training with an experienced personal trainer.

If you feel after reading this that hiring a personal trainer is something that you would like to do and you feel that you would benefit from the services of a trained professional, Dynamic Health and Fitness has an experienced group of trainers waiting to help you. We have a great Spring promotional starter package on now that caters to all fitness levels and age groups, so if you feel that your worth it – give us a call today and start getting the most out of your time and workouts!



Benefits of a Health and Fitness Club vs. Fitness DVD’s

ASK AN EXPERT: Dynamic Health and Fitness
Q.What benefit does the gym have over working out at home to my Fitness Insanity DVD?
A. Home fitness workouts have been available on vinyl, videotape and DVD for ages — and most recently, “Gillian Michaels, px90” and “Insanity” have gained quite a following. Like good intentions though, onscreen home workouts are easily overlooked, ignored and/ or avoided in favour of playing with the kids, relaxing over a glass of wine or settling in for some screen time. On the other hand, a gym is structured to motivate you to get fit. It’s your second home — furnished with the right equipment, coaching and motivation you need to make your workout time well spent.
Check out the benefits of working out at the gym:
VARIETY: Even if you’re still not ‘feeling it’ when you walk into your gym, you can change up your routine. Not sure you want to use the weights or the cardio equipment? Try a class that suits your interest, fitness level and desired intensity.
EQUIPMENT: Home workout programs tend to rely on the use of body weight as the resistance element of your exercise. While always available and economical, body weight isn’t adjustable. You can adjust the settings on resistance machines to increase muscular strength and bone density, burn calories and tone muscles. Generally speaking, gym equipment like treadmills and ellipticals are more varied, shock absorbent and functional than their home grade equivalents.
ATMOSPHERE: When you don’t feel like it, it’s easy to put off your home workout. But if you promised a buddy you would meet at the gym after work, you’ll usually opt to keep your workout date. Even going solo doesn’t mean you won’t meet some great people — including a spotter when you need one! Sometimes a simple ‘hi’ from your fellow gym users can give you that spark that makes you glad you hit the gym instead of the fridge. Can your px90 DVD do that for you?
BEST OF BOTH: Mix home and gym. If your goal is to workout four times a week, alternate gym and home workouts. For some of us, knowing we have a choice makes it easier to do both. Check any fitness blog and you’ll see valid pros and cons for the home workout vs. gym debate. However, each side has a common theme — whether you choose home, gym or a combination of both, stick with your fitness program!