Gayle - Dynamic Health and Fitness


Gayle is the eldest of our staff members and the longest standing employee.  After a sedentary lifestyle and several broken bones, she decided to join her first gym, Lady Dynafit.  She started her fitness training in her very late 50’s.
She realized, after engaging the services of a Personal Trainer, that she had the desire to provide guidance to other people to attain and maintain good physical health.  She acquired her Weight/Personal Training, Third Age (Physiology of Aging and Exercise Adaptations) and Urban Poling/Nordic Walking certificates over the last few years.
Gayle would like to share the expertise she has gained during one-on-one and group training with her Personal Trainer during the past years.
She believes physical health and fitness go hand in hand with health and well-being and in turn, delay the aging process.  You can pretty well accomplish and control most things in your life by having the right mindset and giving it your all.  The choice is yours.

Areas of Expertise:
Goal Setting
Body Toning
Weight Training
Weight Loss & maintenance